It's not Bayer, the aspirin. It's Bayer Advanced, the home and garden pesticides and, fertilizers. They make the only pesticide known to kill the emerald ash borer. That's important because the ash tree is being decimated by this invasive species.

This became the perfect opportunity for Bayer Advanced to become known for supporting a cause the way brands like Ben & Jerry's did for saving bees. There are demonstrable methods for creating a brand movement. Our task was to design them in a way that could inspire people to get involved.


We presented this campaign to a brand new CMO at our first face-to-face meeting. Instead of asking "Why would we do this?", he immediately jumped to "How can we get this done?". He was an instant believer in the idea and the agency. Sadly, budget troubles sidelined the idea. But marketplace results aren't the only measure of success. Sometimes it's more than enough to hit it out of the park the first time up with the new CMO.


So how do you inspire people to save the lowly Ash tree? Make it matter.

The peace movement had the peace symbol. Guitar Hugger has this.

Articles of faith let others know you're a part of the movement.

Posters illustrate how bad things could get.

Interactive OOH plays rock classics on poorly chosen instruments. 

At live music events, guess which endangered species gets the most attention.

A stump record release makes a great PR stunt.

On the Guitar Hugger website people can donate and take action for the cause. Bayer takes credit for sponsoring the movement.

It all comes together at point-of-sale with live DJ remotes and Guitar Hugger product branding.

And it wouldn't be an authentic Rock movement without the perfect merch.