Hooter's brand appeal and market share have gradually dwindled since its heyday in the 80's. Our job was to help turn things around by creating awareness and excitement for new menu items and a sponsorship with NASCAR. The later was critical to re-energizing its traditional customer base since Hooters had been absent from NASCAR for over 25 years.

The campaign for NASCAR was so well received by avid fans of the sport, NASCAR executives proclaimed, "It's a case study for brands looking to make connections with NASCAR fans". For Hooters, it was a huge success. The commercials generated so much web traffic, the hosting company thought it was under attack and threatened to shut it down.

Hooters has significantly upgraded its menu over the past couple years. The launch of Smoked Wings as a healthy new option was a major capital investment, as new ovens are required. We created a successful test market campaign that helped prove out the concept and justify rolling out the menu extension nationwide.  

NASCAR Broadcast / Pre-roll Video

Short Film Series for Social & Digital

Smoked Wings Launch Campaign


Point of Sale


One of the biggest brands in the world was ready to launch a new division. Samsung Home Appliances were number one in retail, but were not doing business in the Home Builder channel. Selecting kitchen packages for a subdivision of 300 homes is a carefully considered purchase with a long sales cycle. Samsung was starting at ground zero and needed to disrupt long-term, trusted relationships with brands like GE, Whirlpool, and Maytag. 

18 months after we created created a marketing campaign & sales support program, sales topped $800m. Samsung says there is no way they could have done it without us. 

Builder Program & Product Websites

Print and Digital Campaign

Marketing Automation Campaign

Printed Sales Brochures & 198-Page Product Catalogue


This children's juice had a perception problem. Children loved the Marvel and Disney character toppers, but brand names like Belly Washers and Tummy Ticklers made Moms suspicious. Even though the product is 100% juice, Moms thought any product that looks like this has to be sugar water. It also had a distribution problem. While selling well in the c-store channel, big chain grocery had the same objections Moms did.

We did a complete brand overhaul: naming, logo, packaging, sales materials, website and marketing across all channels. Backed by some innovative online consumer research, our work helped Good 2 Grow gain acceptance in big box and major grocery chains for the very first time. Now, Good 2 Grow is the fastest growing beverage in its category.

For Good 2 Grow, we were able to tell the brand story seamlessly from product & brand design to marketing to website, aligns all touch points in the consumer journey.

New Branding & Packaging

Pre-roll & Broadcast Video

New Website Integrating Brand Voice & Social Feeds

Social & UGC Campaign


Bayer Advanced wanted to wanted to gain brand affinity beyond what a traditional marketing campaign could achieve. We suggested creating a social movement on behalf of the brand.

Brands like Ben & Jerry's and GAP have created movements to save the bees and fight AIDS in Africa– with great success. To make the right connections with people and instill brand advocacy, a movement for Bayer had to be just as important.


With some investigating, we found that Ash trees were under threat and quarantined in the upper Mid West because an invasive species, called the emerald ash borer., was wiping them out at an alarming rate. Nothing could stop them. Nothing, as it turns out, except Bayer Advanced.

The only question is, how do you inspire people to save the lowly Ash tree?

Tactics for creating a movement extend across all channels.

The peace movement had the peace symbol. This is ours.


The challenge for this regional convenience store chain is to get customers from the gas pump into the store. That's where the real margins are. Our approach was to grow in-store sales and build brand preference through a series of compelling promotional campaigns executed with a fun, memorable, and consistent brand voice.


This Facebook app asks a series of questions to determine

the perfect personalized fountain drink combo.

TV Spots

Radio Spots