For this classic American brand, the goal is to build connections to modern audiences. 


Expanding brand appeal required a shift beyond traditional perceptions. We focused on three key areas: food quality, culturally relevant rebranding, and reintroduction into NASCAR.


The introduction of Smoked Wings required substantial capital investment in kitchen equipment. Supported by our marketing campaign, test markets in Atlanta and Texas demonstrated significant ROI. The campaign rolled out nationally and Smoked Wings have since become a signature menu item.

For 2021, we launched a rebrand to create new brand guidelines, an ownable look for the menu, and connect with the next generation of Hooters fans. So far, the most significant stakeholders, Hooters franchisees, are huge fans. 

Hooters had not sponsored a NASCAR driver in over 25 years. Our goal was to make an authentic connection with fans in ways other brands could not. NASCAR executives called our campaign a gold standard for authentically connecting to the NASCAR audience. It even caused them to relook at their own marketing. 

Smoked Wings The launch of what has since become a pillar of the menu.


2021 Brand Refresh It was driven by the CEO's ambition to attract the next generation of Hooters fans, and by relevant Millennial and Gen Z insights. It was inspired by Hooters beach heritage. Our goals were to create an ownable menu aesthetic, and an "Old School is Cool", inclusive, IG-friendly vibe.


NASCAR Relaunch  In 2017, after a 25-year hiatus from the sport, Hooters ran this spot on the Daytona 500 and pretty much broke the internal. The Hooters website got so much traffic, the hosting company thought it was under attack and temporarily shut it down.

NASCAR 2020 Through hard work and dogged determination, Chase Elliott won a championship. He proved the critics wrong and lived up to the legacy of his legendary father–Bill Elliott. Hooters knows what it's like to face the naysayers and remain true to yourself. This spot celebrates two legacies.

Hooters Video Reel  Highlights from the last four years.