Kia's first-ever race team, Kinetic Motorsports, was ripping it up on the track and winning championships in Perelli World Challenge. As a result, Kia invited Kinetic to launch a line of aftermarket performance parts into Kia dealership. It was a business model familiar to the industry. As a third-party endorser of performance, the successful race team offers performance parts and a new revenue stream to dealers. Performance–along with design and reliability–are pillars of every automotive brand. A classic example is what the Rousch race team has done for Ford. 


We launched a company to supply aftermarket performance packages to Kia dealers. Packages included custom wheels, exhausts, lowering kits, spoilers, graphics, and Kinetic vehicle badges. We worked with Kia Chairman Ahn, and CMO Michael Sprague to ensure the Kinetic performance program provided the most benefit to Kia dealers. Accessories did not violate Kia factory warranties, maximized dealer profits, fit seamlessly into dealership operations, and delighted Kia customers. 


Kia Motors America were big believers in our strategy. They hosted Kinetic Accessories at annual dealer shows, readily endorsed the program as a valuable dealer revenue stream, and became a partner in promoting cause-related products to benefit breast cancer research. At it's peak, Kinetic sold to 350 of 775 Kia dealers and reached $1.6m in sales annually.

And I learned the car dealership business in ways no creative person normally could.

My Role I was a  one-person agency, so I did everything from brand design to content creation. I built the website, created marketing campaign and design POS. I collaborated on product & pricing strategy and financial modeling. I interfaced with Kia corporate, conducted research among Kia Dealers, and designed trade show booths. It was a bootstrap operation, so I pitched in on all the things an startup business requires.

Dealer Website A B2B website introduced Kia dealers to the program, featured packages for all Kia models, demonstrated dealer profitability, and made exciting POS and other support materials available.


Dealership POS

A wide variety of posters, counter cards, brochures, product displays, and Kinetic race gear excited customers and supported sales. An eight-foot wall cling created the illusion you could walk through a doorway into the dealership's own race department. The Kinetic Konfigurator allowed shoppers to accessorize their new Kia online.


(8' wall cling optical illusion.)

Social Activation

A time trial across the internet-a scavenger hunt across Kia social pages.

Racers start the clock to get their first clue.

With the timer running in the background, users follow a series of clues across search, Kia social pages, and dealership sites.

Finishing the race measures purchase intent.